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Happy Pawz Pet Care Services

Peace of mind for both you and your pet...

(1) What types of animals will you visit? We are happy to consider visiting any type of animal providing you feel confident that you can detail all your pet’s requirements. (2) What happens at the initial meeting? Basically, the meeting is for you to meet us your animal carers and then for us to meet your pet. We like to run through the routine you would like us to follow during the visits, just to make sure there is nothing unusual that we might not have done before. We will also explain about the information you will need to provide us with if you wish to book with us. You don’t have to decide there and then about making a booking, as we will hold your visit dates for 24hrs after the meeting. (3) Will you administer medication? We are happy to administer medication to your pet providing you can give suitable instructions and your pet is happy to oblige. (4) What do I have to leave for the visit? You need to leave sufficient food, litter, poop-bags and cleaning materials to cover the duration of the visits. Everything else we need; we will bring with us. (5) If my return is delayed, will you continue to visit my pet? Yes, if you inform us of the delay. We always keep your key until you notify us that you are home. This way, if you are delayed, we can arrange additional visits at your request. Any such additional visits will be charged at the same rate as the original agreement. (6) Will you charge me for visits if I return early? If you return early, you need to let us know so that we can cancel any outstanding visits. By doing this you will avoid having to pay for unnecessary visits. If you forget to inform us that you are home and we arrive for a visit, then you will still be charged for this visit, but we will cancel any further outstanding visits. (7) How secure will my keys be? Your keys are coded without any address information on them and stored in a non-mobile safe. (8) Do you operate a key holding scheme? We do operate a free, fully insured key holding scheme. This helps us as it saves us having to arrange to collect keys from you in the future, and additionally benefits you, in the event that you ever lose your own keys. Participation also means that you will not incur any key collect / return charges. (9) Can you stay overnight? Yes, please contact us about availability and prices. (10) How will you know the routine my pet follows? When we carry out an initial meeting, we will complete a Visit Information Form which details your pet’s routine along with vet details and emergency contact information etc. This needs to be completed fully, so that we can follow your pet’s routine as closely as possible during visits. (11) What if there is an emergency in my home (e.g., burst pipe)? Any such emergencies would be treated in the same way as we would in our own home, by trying to prevent further damage. Following this, we will notify you of the problem. (12) What happens if the pet food runs out while I am away? We always ask that sufficient food is left for the duration of the visits. However, should there be a problem we would of course buy more food and provide you with a receipt for reimbursement at the end of the visits. (13) Do you keep client information confidential? We do not share your information with any third parties. (14) Will your visits draw attention to the fact I am away? At your request we will remove our logos from our vehicle in order to ensure that we attract as little attention as possible during visits and to give the appearance of normal family comings and goings. Please ask about this when making a booking. (15) Could you water my houseplants during your visits? Yes. This can be arranged for you, please ask for details. (16) I have more than one pet, would I have to pay extra? Our prices are based on the time spent per visit. We do not charge extra for additional pets being looked after in the same household, providing we feel all the duties can be carried out safely during the allotted time. (17) Could you visit my house even though I don’t have pets? Yes. Please contact us to discuss prices. (18) I am going on a day trip, not a holiday - can you still help? Yes. We are quite happy to make single visits whenever necessary.

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